Photo Museum

This page highlights some of the rare, interesting and/or unusual numismatic and related pieces, some that I own or have owned. Enjoy!

Early NGC Styrofoam Box

I believe these were used for a short time in the early days of NGC for gen's 1 & 2. They hold and fit 13 of the old "fatty" holders. These are rarely seen and should command a big premium. I've only seen two over the years and I bought them both. I no longer own them with the last one selling for $200 back in 2019.

ANACS Type 2 Photo Certificate w/Paperwork

This is one of my favorites. A rare old Type 2 cert with it's original envelope. It also includes a letter from ANACS stating the delay in certification due to getting a second opinion by an expert on these coins. This particular coin being well struck and centered with clear details had molds made of it in the 1960's. Replica's have been made of it in a variety of metals ever since.

108 Prefix Rattler ~ Gens 1.0 & 1.1 & 1.2

When PCGS started slabbing they began with cert # 1080001. The white label gens 1.0 & 1.1 were short lived ending around cert # 1082378. It is estimated just under 1000 gen 1.0's were produced and around 1300 gen 1.1's. The remaining approx. 7600 being gen 1.2. Today collectors are paying high premiums for all 108 prefix rattlers with gens 1.0 & 1.1 gaining the highest premiums. With only 38 1.0's & 56 1.1's known, acquiring this trifecta is a difficult and expensive endeavor.

Early Rattler w/NCI Photo Certificate

This very cool piece that I owned was graded by PCGS only to be sent to Heritage to receive a second opinion, perhaps? In the opinion of CAC they were both tough on the coin as this beauty was awarded the coveted gold sticker.

ANACS Type 3 Photo Certificate

A cool old ANACS photo certificate of a 1979-S Proof Set. Photo certificates not often seen with anything other that a single coin so I thought it was worth sharing.

Rattler "Twins" Error ~ Gens 1.1 & 1.2

Mistakes happen... I noticed these two when I started compiling data of early 108 prefix rattlers in 2019. After posting it in a thread, word came back that someone who was at PCGS at the beginning wasn't surprised about the duplicate as things were a bit "haphazard" at the start. I'd love to have that set!

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