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A Change Is Coming in 2024

As you may know, I originally created this site to sell my collection of old odd holders that were banned from selling on eBay several years ago, since then I've sold other coins, including some of my rare holders as they rapidly increased in value. The proceeds used to build my collection in other areas. With the majority of the coins having sold, the cost to maintain this e-commerce site no longer makes sense. It will remain as is until Jan 28 2024, then it will be down for a short time as I build new site. The web address will remain the same and site will still be a resource with old holder histories like this one.

In the meantime, as we move closer to that day, I will be giving buyers a free odd slabbed coin with every purchase of $150 or more until supplies run out.


Explore Numismatic History


Here you will find a simple list of NGC's standard slabs by generation with photos and descriptions. 


Learn more about ANACS history and find a list of all the different photo certificates and slabs from the beginning until today 



Here you will find a simple list of PCGS's standard slabs by generation with photos and descriptions. 

I hope you have found this site helpful and valuable. If you have and can afford it, I would appreciate any donation you are willing to make to help me continue to maintain this site in the future. If  you can't or have not found it useful, I thank you for visiting and wish you a good day!

Check out my eBay store for 100's of vintage items and books. Know that you are buying from a long established eBay seller with 19 years experience. I have maintained a 100% positive seller feedback rating for all 19 years!

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