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-  ANACS Certificate & Slab History
-  Links to Numerous Old Holder Censuses
-  PCGS Slab History
-  NGC Slab History
-  Brief Look at Some Defunct TPG's

NGC History

See the evolution of the NGC holder since NGC's founding in 1987.

ANACS History

PCGS History

See the evolution of ANACS photo certificates (1972-1990) & holders (1990 - today).

See the evolution of the PCGS holder since PCGS's founding in 1986.

Old Holder Census Links

There are numerous places were censuses of different old holder generations from PCGS, NGC and ANACS are being keep. To make life easier I'm now providing a centralized location to link to each one.

Photo Museum

Early NGC Styrofoam Box

I believe these were used for a short time in the early days of NGC for gen's 1 & 2. They hold and fit 13 of the old "fatty" holders. These are rarely seen and should command a big premium. I've only seen two over the years and I bought them both. I no longer own.

Early Rattler w/NCI Photo Certificate

This very cool piece that I owned was graded by PCGS only to be sent to Heritage to receive a second opinion, perhaps? In the opinion of CAC they were both tough on the coin as this beauty was awarded the coveted gold sticker.

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