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NGC Slab Generations

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

This post is simply going to show the generations of NGC holders of the standard type from the beginning to today. Purposely left out are the multi-coin holders, labels applied to government packaging, and custom or special labels.

(*Note: To save and download this list, just click the album at the bottom of this post. It is a google slide and can be downloaded as a pdf.)

Generation 1.0 - Extremely rare. Produced Sept. 1987 - Nov 1987. This 1st generation holder features a black insert. The white label was placed on rear and the logo on the front of holder. Current census figures put the number of survivors known at 42. This number will probably go up a bit as more are discovered over time.

Generation 2.0 - Rare.

Produced about a month Nov/Dec 1987. This time frame also included the Gen 2.1 slab which likely preceded this slab. This holder was created as the black holder didn’t show copper and dark toned coins well. White label moved to the front on a white insert . The rear features an embossed gold logo on outside of holder

Generation 2.1 - Rare.

Produced for about a week in Nov 1987. The embossed rear logo is on insert instead of outside of holder. It is now generally accepted that this holder was used before Gen 2.0 but since it is commonly known as Gen 2.1 I see no reason to mess with tradition.

Generation 3.0 - Uncommon.

Produced Dec 1987 - Aug 1989. This holder features a new front label with a brown or green border & the outside rear gold logo. Green border is less common of the two. Though this holder was produced for nearly two years, it is not seen often and usually commands a premium price.

Generation 4.0 - Common.

Produced Aug 1989-1992. This holder has the same front label as Gen 3 but the rear got a hologram for updated security. Holder is found with brown or green border labels also. While still fairly common it is seen less and less as time goes by.

Generation 5.0 - Common.

Produced about 1992 - 1995. This holder features a redesigned front label with an added barcode. It retains the same hologram as before. It is the last of the no-Line "fatty" holders.

Generation 6.0 - Common.

Produced 1995-1997 or just in 1996. This holder shares the labels front and back with Gen 5 but is thinner and has the split or keyed insert.

Generation 7.0 - Common.

Produced 1997 - Aug 2000. This holder shares the same basic front label with the Gen 6 but hosts a new smaller rectangular rear hologram.

Generation 8.0 - Uncommon.

Produced Aug 2000 - Sept 2000. Holder used for 4 weeks. It features a revised front label with serial number moved below barcode. Rear has slightly larger hologram than Gen 7. It proved unpopular and was quickly discontinued.

Generation 8.1 - Semi-Common.

Produced Sept 2000 - July 2001. This holder features a return to the front label from Gen 7 but retains the slightly larger hologram from Gen 8.

Generation 9.0 - Common.

Produced July 2001 - July 2003. This holder features a restyled front label with the company name added to the bottom section of the border but retains the the rear label from the Gen 8 holder.

Generation 10 - Uncommon.

Produced July 2003 - Aug 2003. This holder features a new front label with NGC's website and logo replacing the company name along bottom of border, the grade now in bold, and a different background design. It also features a new rear hologram with ANA's lamp logo.

Generation 11- Uncommon.

Produced Aug 2003 - Nov 2003. This holder features a revised front label with NGC's website and logo replaced by the company name along bottom of border. It shares the rear hologram with the ANA's lamp logo with Gen 10.

Generation 12 - Semi-Common.

Produced Nov 2003 - Nov 2004. This holder features the same front label of the gen 11 holder but has a redesigned rear hologram using the ANA's new crescent logo.

Generation 13 - Common.

Produced Nov 2004 - Feb 2008. Commonly known as Gen 17 when listed among all NGC labels and holders. This holder has a mildly restyled front label and an all new large rear hologram.

Generation 13.5 - Uncommon.

Produced in only in 2008? This holder has the solid insert of Gen 13 but the front and rear labels from Gen 14. I read that this was made alongside Gen 14 upon request but I do not know for sure, It may have been a transition holder. In any case I am calling it Gen 13.5 as it doesn't appear to be a stand alone holder.

Generation 14 - Common.

Produced Sept 2008 - 2014. This holder features the EdgeView insert, it shares the front and rear labels with what I am calling Gen 13.5.

Generation 14.1 - Uncommon.

Produced in 2012 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the original Gen 1 black holder. These were available alongside the standard holders on certain denominations of US coins. I thought they should be recognized so I am calling them Gen 14.1. I've left out black holders of later generations as they were used almost exclusively for bullion.

Generation 15 - Common.

Produced 2014-2015. This holder shares the front label with Gen 14 but features a redesigned rear hologram.

Generation 16 - Common.

Produced 2015-2017. This holder features a redesigned front label and retains the Gen 15 rear hologram.

Generation 17 - Common.

Produced 2017-Present. This holder shares the front label with Gen 16 but features a newly designed rear hologram.

Click photo below for a downloadable version of these generations and a bit more details.

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