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I'm a coin collector. I caught the collecting bug at a young age after my father pulled out his "treasure" chest of coins that he collected when he was a teenager in the early to mid 1960's.

I love the history and beauty of these little works of art. In the last decade I became interested in the history of Third Party Grading (TPG) and began collecting different generations of slabs from several of these TPG's.


When eBay cracked down on buying and selling obsolete TPG's I was liquidating many that I collected in pursuit other avenues of coin collecting. I had also thought about creating a reference site of TPG history around the same time. As a result of eBay's action I decided it was time to create a site for both purposes.

Until the end of 2023 this site will have the store checkout option. After that I will sell whatever is left via PayPal invoicing or you can pay by check or money order or eBay if requested. I will occasionally add new items to the site for sale but it won't be often as I upgrade or replace coins in my collection.

My plan is to keep this site up to reference the slab histories as long as I can even after the coins are sold.

Thanks for submitting!


If you have any questions about any item listed or need help finding a coin and/or holder for your collection please don't hesitate to contact me.



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